Hello friend, excited eh?
I have got many things to share for the first time. Yep, for the first time! Well, everybody has always to speak about something, and this led me to ponder if I would extinct after some days.
Yes, and no both. Yes, for my book, Book, that is just me interacting with you in a bit odd fashion. No, as I am not alone. There ought to be many people who match my traits. So if I get extinct, they will too. Sorry, you will have to bear all those heavy mouths near you.
Oh, my apology. I didn’t introduce myself. I am S. You can consider it to be the code between us.
I am a high schooler. Don’t frame any thoughts upon me. I am a unique human to be found in this world. Was it too much? You should do self-assurance always.
31 May, 21
It was this afternoon when I had my lunch and started thinking about writing a book. A book? Yep! Many people do write books and it ranges from fiction to non-fiction. I have read some of them. Right now I am reading cum writing. Reading an autobiography- an autobiography I thought I could write but then as the usual questions arise: ‘Who will be interested to know someone unknown?’ So, I dropped the idea. A fiction, it just ends up in a crazy fight. You will find comedy in fight and anger in comedy, that’s my taste. Then this idea came up, Book, I can write. It’s the name you can call it. I guess it’s the title.
Remember? Last time when you mentioned that “books are so boring.” This might be during your childhood times, teenage years, or yesterday or now or tomorrow. Mine was when I was trying to learn English. I had this disgusting feeling whenever I was asked to read books, newspapers, and even communicate. This made me feel alienated. It was so new; I could hardly understand a syllable. And the grammar, I still can’t understand why some things frame up as such. English is so vast and a hefty hand is required to master it. Even if someone does, he might use some here and some there, some new thing will spring to life. The proverb, ‘English is a funny language’, I can admit upon that.
Book, is my view about books.
Every child enters into their world of books at an early age. Some get used to it due to which bookworms exist. But many don’t develop the affection, and sad to say, I have missed a gay period.
Amanda was a girl with a brilliant mind. She had good taste in books though her parents thought girls should invest on their beauty. She was four years old when she started visiting libraries alone. At first, she was assisted by the librarian but her zeal made her read and write. She kept her visits to the library a secret. Her story kept me enthralled when I was first introduced to her. I couldn’t believe she was no ordinary. She had telekinetic power, and with her incredible intelligence, courage, and imagination, she saved her teacher!
My childhood days were not as such so. It involved fairies, Barbie dolls, and nags from elders. Obviously, hatred for books existed; although there was a slight fondness in hearing the princess story. I would anticipate hearing it from my sister and eventually started reading it. Yeah, I read. From Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Suppandi I read again and again. Papa often insisted on reading moral stories. At that time, I had a boring feeling towards those stories and often resisted, which sometimes ended up in my tear down. I thought that books could be read at any time of life and that made me keep those aside on a shelf.
Time swept, and there I was trying to keep up with my social life. Yep, social life is very important at age 10. You don’t realize much about it, but I did it. This was one of the game-changing moments of my life. I realized I couldn’t do much with making friends, so I started exploring. I spent my idle hours crafting, writing, and reading!
Reading, funnily enough, I started being fond of books. The first of mine was Tinkle. I suppose every child should be given Tinkle first rather than any other book. Suppandi was an all-time favourite. His stupidity had no level to make me happy. Great respect, I give to his master who had to bear him. Nowadays, Tinkles are just filled with old stories from different volumes with some new but that don’t taste good. Your opinions might differ, my friend.
Then there is an all-time craze for the boy with the scar on his forehead, Harry Potter. He entered into my life while I was 12 years old.
I remember it was a different place I landed in. You find yourself as a muggle living with wizards, who at any moment could turn you into a mouse if you were disliked. Although, their powers were against dark world creatures. Thanks to my small savings and add-ons from parents, I could read till the 5th volume. The two volumes left were dedicated for the next session’s vacation, but I, with a heavy heart, am admitting, I haven’t yet read them. The reasons, I don’t know, or I can assert that the flow was broken. Yep! Every reader must know it. Or is it just me?
There was no end to reading after that. I didn’t build any particular taste, whatever I got, I read and I still do. During this lockdown phase, whilst many are cramped up in their rooms, I thought I could open up my room and tell how different of a feeling it is to be with book(s)!
Some time, someday when humans,
Left with no choice;
Will hold a book and say
‘It’s my Book’.