Trg in disease mgmt in citrus conducted

SUPLIANG, 16 Jun: The Anjaw KVK on Wednesday conducted a training programme on ‘Integrated disease management in citrus’ at MGMG village in Supliang.

The training featured a demonstration on preparing Bordeaux mixture and applying it to prevent fungal diseases like gummosis, sooty mold, root rot, collar rot, etc, in Khasi mandarin.

A field visit was also conducted at progressive farmer Jijolum Chaitom’s Khasi mandarin orchard for practical demonstration of the mixture.

Later, the KVK distributed neem-based insecticides and farm implements to 25 farmers. It also highlighted the ‘Jal Shakti Abhiyan’, through which different activities can be taken up to ensure sufficient availability of water for household and agriculture purposes.

The training and demonstration were conducted by horticulture scientist Rebecca Eko, under the supervision of the KVK head.