Reconsider school reopening

I would like to invite the kind attention of the department of education to certain points pertaining to reopening of schools in the state.
As per experts, the third wave of the coronavirus is expected in the month of August-September, which is dangerous for children. But on 26 June, 2021, the directorate of elementary education ordered reopening of schools from 1 July, 2021.
School is a place where gathering and interaction of hundreds of students take place daily in the classrooms, especially in government schools where there is shortage of tables and desks. I would like to ask the authority concerned whether it is possible to maintain social distancing.
In the markets and shops, social distancing and Covid SOPs can be enforced by the law enforcement agency. But can we use police force in schools, on our innocent kids?
In states like Assam and Manipur, children getting infected by Covid have been reported. Other states have not yet taken a decision with regard to reopening of schools. Then why is our state government in such a hurry? Actually, we cannot compare with other states, because in terms of health infrastructure and facilities, we are behind them.
The only reason for the cancellation of the CBSE exams is that it may put lives of the students in danger.
So, I would like to ask the authority concerned, is physical classroom teaching safe when a third wave is expected soon? Who will take the responsibility if schools become superspreaders of Covid in the third wave?
Therefore, as a worried parent, I would appeal to the education department to reconsider the decision on reopening of schools and wait till August-September. Last year also, classes restarted in the month of November with reduced syllabus.
Mabom Aku,