Regulate timing

I would like to request the corporator of Ward 15 to kindly regulate the timing of garbage collection vehicle.
The garbage collection service is completely erratic in Damsite, Naharlagun. Their visits are hopelessly random, thereby keeping the public guessing while the garbage continues to pile up with every passing day. Even when the vehicle shows up once in a blue moon, it neither plays the music to alert the public of its arrival, nor does it bother to wait for a few minutes. They just pass by silently and swiftly, causing the public to run after it with sacks full of garbage.
This erratic and poor garbage collection service in Damsite has forced many to dump their garbage into the stream rather than waiting for the vehicle, causing serious ecological and health issues.
So, I would like to suggest the following points:
1. If not daily, at least make a timetable of garbage collection vehicle, so that we would know what time and which day of the week to expect it.
2. Make it mandatory for the garbage collection vehicle to either play loud music or blow horn while passing through the colony, so as to make people aware of their arrival.
3. If possible, expand its reach to inner colony areas as well, so that more people are encouraged to not dump their garbage directly into the stream.
Tai Dora,