Rate for green tea leaves fixed at Rs 23/kg

[ Pisi Zauing ]

CHANGLANG, 20 Jul: A price monitoring committee meeting was held here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Changlang DC Dr Devansh Yadav with regard to fixation of rates for green tea leaves as per the guidelines of the Tea Board of India.

In the meeting, a minimum rate of Rs 23 per kg was fixed for green tea leaves, “to be prevalent for whole of Changlang district with effect from 20 July to 4 August (15 days).” It was also decided that the rates of green tea leaves will be reviewed every two weeks.

The price monitoring committee informed that all tea factories shall strictly adhere to the rate/price fixed by the committee while buying green leaves from small tea growers and farmers of Changlang district.

“The tea factories shall display the rates on their display boards. In case of any hike in market rates, the factories must provide rates above the minimum price. The price monitoring committee must ensure that no factory in its jurisdiction pays less than the fixed rate to the tea growers,” the committee added.

It has also been made mandatory for the Small Tea Growers Association to impart training to small tea growers to ensure quality products and to maintain quality parameters.

“As a temporary relaxation, 1 bud + 3 leaves may be permissible. Any consignment not conforming to the quality parameters may be paid as per market rates deemed fit by tea factories with due photographs and information provided to the committee for verification,” stated the committee.

Also, labour wage of Rs 20 paisa per kg has been fixed in case a tea garden drops tea leaves directly at the factory.

Directing all the administrative officers in the district to ensure strict compliance with the order, the committee stated that violators of the order would be “strictly scrutinized by the district administration, and the small tea growers will also be monitoring the factories in case of any reports of exploitation.”

“Any reports of irregularities will be immediately brought to the notice of the Changlang DC,” the committee added.