Reopening schools now would be unwise

On various social media platforms, people are appealing for offline classes. But those people are forgetting that the positivity rate is high in our state and it is increasing day by day.
Many areas are under micro-containment zones and death(s) due to Covid are being reported almost every day. According to experts, the third wave is expected to come in August.
The government and those people should understand that it is impossible to follow the Covid SOPs in the classrooms. Is it possible to maintain two metres’ distance at school tables? Last year, the teachers had complained of discomfort in speaking with their mask on, and students faced difficulty in hearing the teachers.
There is no harm in waiting till the end of September. But it is heard that some schools are holding meetings to discuss starting offline classes, violating the government’s order.
Some are suggesting that offline classes should be held for Classes 10-12, which is very funny. Are children of these classes safe from Covid-19? They are also below the age of 18 years.
Therefore, as a worried parent, I request the state government to take a decision wisely, because it is the government that will be responsible, not the people who are shouting on social media, if something happens to the children after contracting Covid-19 in schools.
Marbom Magam,
H Sector, Itanagar