Error in news report

I write this letter to bring to your notice the error in reporting in one of the news items, ‘Candidates complain about cheating in RGUCET, RGUPET (11/08/2021, Page 1)’. It was mentioned that there were instances of cheating in the centres where the exams were conducted, including SCC, which is an abbreviation for Saint Claret College. On the next day, the honourable registrar of RGU denied the allegation and clarified that the news report was erroneous and that the said exams were not conducted at the college since the college was not a centre for the exams.

The incident has left a lot of us rattled because a serious allegation has been made about an institution which has been lauded as one of the best in the state. The news report is an example of poor journalism where the facts were not checked. Saint Claret College does not make compromises on values and ethics. Tests and exams are conducted with utmost seriousness. Those who have attended any exam or test at the college would surely vouch for the strictness with which they are conducted. Our measures are primarily preventive, but in case it is noticed that some are indulging in malpractice, we deal with it as per the norms.

A news report like this jeopardizes the efforts put in by the college authorities, the staff and the students. This being admission season, many students and parents are on the lookout for good institutions. This type of falsified information can cause a lot of damage. The Arunachal Times, being a newspaper of repute, must come clear on the matter by issuing a clarification about the error. The news report actually tarnishes the good image of the newspaper as well.

The Arunachal Times has always supported the cause of higher education in the state. The students of Saint Claret College have also benefitted through your educational initiatives by way of visiting the media house for field visit, being interns, and also as recipients of ‘The Arunachal Times Media Scholarship’. We acknowledge your collaboration in our efforts and are grateful for it. But this is an incident which is contrary to the ethos of the newspaper and hurts the sentiments of those who are associated with the college.
Fr Allwyn Mendoz,
Saint Claret College, Ziro