Recruit tourism graduates

Like me many other choose tourism as a subject for graduation/ diploma with a thought that we will have better scope in both government and private sectors.
But after completion of our studies, we have come to know that our tourism degree/ diploma certificates are useless and worthless,and we wasted our time and money in studying tourism.
Many of our seniors have crossed their upper age limit while waiting for advertisement from the Tourism department.
People say we have studied tourism so why do not we start businesses? But all are not rich or have finances to start businesses.
It is not easy to take a loan and all do not get loans easily.
Every year, every department advertises for their vacant posts through APPSCCE except the Department of Tourism.
In spite of several representations by tourism students to tourism authority in regard to advertisement of vacant posts, nothing has been done till date.
I appeal to Chief minister Pema Khandu to ensure early advertisement of district tourism officer and tourist information officer posts.
I am hopeful that our young and dynamic chief minister will use his good office to solve the problems of unemployed youths.
A job aspirant