Shah plants 10 millionth sapling at CRPF Training Center in Nanded

NANDED, 18 Sep: Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah planted the 10 millionth sapling at CRPF Training Center in Nanded in Maharashtra under ‘All India Tree Plantation Campaign-2021’ being run by the Central Armed Police Forces.

The CAPFs have done the work of planting 10 million trees in more than 170 districts across the country.

“We had set a target that all the paramilitary forces together will plant more than 10 million trees and take good care of them till they grow to a height above our heads, and today we have accomplished this year’s target of 10 million ahead of time,” said Shah.

It is a matter of great pleasure that on the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we are fulfilling this goal on the soil of Marathwada, where Huzur Sahib is built in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh and it was on this day that this region become free from the rule of the Nizam, he said.

He said that the country’s first Home Minister and Bharat Ratna Sardar Patel had succeeded in making this region a part of Akhand Bharat, defeating their nefarious intentions with perseverance, valour and strategic skill.

Shah said that Modi was the first chief minister of the country after independence who paid attention to climate change.

“When Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat, he first created the department of climate change in the state government and this was the first time in India that any government paid attention to climate change.

Narendra Modi started a governmental institutional mechanism for working on climate change.

Due to indiscriminate development, great damage has been done to the global environment, global warming and climate change have become two such threats, which are enemies of every nation, he said.

The union minister said that heavy rains, famines, landslides are now taking place in large numbers and their root cause is climate change.

“Due to carbon emissions, the ozone layer is gradually becoming thinner and if we do not stop this process, then global temperatures will increase to such an extent that it will be difficult to save human existence,” Shah said.

Stating that nature and natural assets should be utilized and not exploited, he said: “Along with the pace of development, the concern for global warming and climate change will have to be included in the system itself and the easiest way is to reduce carbon emissions.

Last year also a huge tree plantation drive was carried out in which the target was to plant 1.30 crore trees and CAPF Jawans had planted 1.47 crore trees.