Loopholes in recruitment process of ArSRLM

In continuation to one of the candidate’s grievances published on 30 March, 2022, I also want to highlight that there were some loopholes in the recruitment process of the ArSRLM.
I was also one of the candidates who had appeared for the rural attachment test. During my presentation, one of the panel members was drunk and had no respect whatsoever.
I mean, if guys like him are in the panel, giving us marks and deciding our future, I wonder about the quality of the recruitment which was held. And the candidates also came to know later that the in-house employees were also clubbed along with us, the “outsiders,” for the managerial posts, and no wonder almost 80-90 percent of the candidates selected for DMM/BMM were already employees of the ArSRLM.
If this was always the case, then they should not let us, the “outsiders,” apply for this post, because the whole recruitment process takes a month’s time till the final presentation happens. Our time may not be important to them, but it surely is important to us.
I would like to extend my support to the other candidates who are also raising their voices and appeal to the higher authorities to kindly look into the matter and take appropriate action.
Thomas Borang,