Set up employment censor board

I would like to draw the kind attention of the employers concerned towards the job advertisements they post.
Searching for a job is a very tiring experience, especially when one keeps getting rejected. Even though job seekers experience different challenges that are enough to last them a lifetime, some unscrupulous business people still take advantage of their desperation.
Most of these businesses are of multi-level marketing, which show luxurious items just to join their pyramid or businesses that do not conduct fair interview to recruit. The custom of promoting their businesses has a misleading effect on the young and impressionable who are easily led astray.
I suggest that there should be an employment censor board set up by the government. The board should see the advertisements and permit them to be displayed only if they meet the standards of the board.
Therefore, I request you to publish this voice of many youths in your newspaper and draw attention of the employers. I look forward to seeing prompt action from you.