The BJP’s bulldozer politics

The BJP government is unleashing bulldozer politics on the Muslim minority at an alarming rate. It has become a day-to-day affair in the BJP ruled states where the authorities come with bulldozers to neighbourhoods where Muslims live and bring down the houses of anyone accused of indulging in violence. Shelter is a fundamental right of every human being living on this Earth. For the BJP, that is easily forgettable if the victims are poor or Muslims. This is an outrageous violation of Article 21 of the Constitution.

The authorities and the BJP leaders justify this by talking about unauthorised constructions. It is well known to them that illegal constructions are taking place on a large scale in those areas where the urban rich are concentrated. Their malls, shops, offices, houses, theatres, etc, are built or extended as and when they like. Can the government say that all these big constructions are taking place as per rules and regulations? Bulldozer politics is yet another instance of the double standards followed by the ruling class. There are different yardsticks for different communities. If Muslim members are accused of indulging in violence, even without them being indicted by court, the BJP government immediately declares their houses as illegal and sends bulldozers to bring them down. For the BJP rulers, all concerns of human rights and democratic norms are insignificant. They approach the issue with political vendetta. Communal intolerance also guides them.