Encourage formation of govt schools’ alumni associations

Education Minister Taba Tedir on Monday while attending a programme at a government school in Itanagar pitched the idea of former students making some kind of contribution to their alma maters. He appealed to all the former students of schools, colleges and universities of Arunachal Pradesh to pay back to the society by contributing to the improvement of their former institutions. There is no doubt that primarily it is the duty of the state government to take care of all the requirements of the schools, colleges, and universities funded by it. It is duty-bound to do it.

However, the idea pitched by the education minister is a good one and should be seriously explored. It is seen that the alumni of some of the famous schools of the state, like the VKV, and the RKM have been immensely contributing to their alma maters in various forms, including financially. This has helped in the growth of particular VKVs in the state. Today there is a VKV in almost every district headquarters of the state and the role of the alumni should be appreciated. Sadly, the government-funded schools and colleges of the state do not have such strong alumni associations till now. Today, many of the students who are products of these institutions are doing well in their respective lives. It will be a good move to form alumni associations and contribute in whatever possible manner from their sides. Not necessarily it has to be financial. The appeal made by Education Minister Taba Tedir should be given a serious thought. Perhaps the education department can initiate a step towards this and encourage the formation of alumni associations in various government-funded schools and colleges of Arunachal Pradesh.