A pitfall of social media

The capital police recently arrested a rape accused from Leh, Ladakh, after two years of dogged investigation. The police launched the investigation after receiving an FIR from the victim on 17 September, 2020 that one LR Meena raped her with the false promise of marriage. The police faced lot of difficulties in carrying out the investigation as, except information about the name, profession and phone number of the accused, they had no other details. What is shocking is that, during the course of investigation, the police found out that the victim and the accused first met through Facebook.

She had no proper knowledge about the accused and relied completely on whatever little information the accused shared with her. This case should be a warning for others too. Quite often people do not share their real identity on Facebook and operate using fake IDs. Trusting people you meet on social media platforms is very risky. So many cases of fraud, cheating, etc, through social media are being reported these days. In this particular case, the capital police have done an incredible job by ensuring the arrest of the accused LR Meena, who turned out to be an ITBP jawan. The women PS team deserves to be highly appreciated for the work done by them. Hope it will be a learning process for the citizens of the state.