Respect religious sentiments

Many denizens of the twin capital cities are displeased with the recent order issued by executive magistrate directing hotels and restaurants to remove the word ‘beef’ from their signboard by 18 July, and are sharing a gamut of opinions on social media. In the notice, it is mentioned that the decision has been taken to promote the spirit of secularism and brotherhood among the community as the word ‘beef’ written on signboards can hurt the religious sentiments of certain communities who worship cows.
Some are even alleging that this is a politically motivated decision by the state government to please the BJP at the Centre.
As an individual believing in the spirit of secularism, I am of the opinion that the order has nothing to do with the BJP or its efforts to saffronise the state as assumed by some people. In fact, I find the order genuine and a much-needed step taken by the district magistrate which needs to be appreciated by all corners, irrespective of ideological affiliation.
If any word believed to be harming the religious sentiments of a certain community, as stated in the notice, is asked to be removed, why should it be considered a danger to secularism? If through your gesture, a sense of brotherhood, equanimity prevails in society, it should be considered a small contribution by a person who believes in secularism.
One has to remember that secularism needs support from all.
Remember, with a right comes a responsibility. Rather, it should be seen as a sign of progressive society where we respect each other’s sentiments. Here, the magistrate’s order has nothing to do with our food habits. It is an effort to show respect to the religious sentiments of the people and deepen the spirit of secularism among the different communities.
Imagine yourself as a dog lover. If dogs are slaughtered and sold in the open market, would your sentiments not be hurt? Would you not protest? Would you not appeal to them to shift to a specific location to avoid the horrid scene every day?
Jai Hind, Jai Arunachal