NVS should reconsider fresh advertisement for social science teachers


The Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) had published a special recruitment drive 2022-23 for the post of principal, PGTs, TGTs and other miscellaneous teachers for the JNVs of NE region recently.

As a prospective teacher, I was happy to get notified of the advertisement through WhatsApp. It was a great opportunity to secure myself a teaching job per my aspiration.

But it shattered me to know that political science graduate with history/geography/economics, or economics graduate with history/geography/political science as elective subject in UG level was specifically made ineligible for the post of social studies TGTs.

However, history graduates with political science/economics/geography were eligible. Similarly, geography graduates with history/political science/economicsĀ are eligible for the post of TGTs and thus have an advantage over economics and political science graduates.

We are all aware that political science, geography, history and economics fall under the broader subject of social studies till Class 10. In fact, trained graduate teachers are supposed to teach social studies subjects from Class 6 to 10. As such, anybody who has graduated in the following subject combination is eligible for the post of TGT social studies (social science) and is practiced all over India.

  1. Political science with history or geography or economics as elective subjects.
  2. History with political science or geography or economics as elective.
  3. Geography with history or political science or economics.
  4. Economics with political science or geography or history.

Thus, it is beyond my comprehension as to why graduates in political science and economics have been specifically made ineligible to write the examination for the post of TGT social studies.

And what are we graduates in political science or economics with other requisite degrees like BEd, CTET qualified are supposed to do if we are ineligible to teach social studies till pre-metric?

Therefore, I earnestly request the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti to kindly look into the matter and reconsider the advertisement and further allow political science and economics graduates to write the exam while considering the fact that political science and economics are integral parts of social studies.

Prospective teacher