Woe of a wounded heart

-Kalyan Kumar Dutta
VKV PTC Banderdewa

Those who don’t understand my feeling
I don’t show them my wounds anymore
Just for the sake of pleasing others
I have given up true smiling.

I don’t entertain them any further
Since I have realized the reality
They are the fake people around me
Wearing the glittering robe of nobility.

Those who mock my polite meekness
Don’t pay the value of courtesy
So now I am not attainable effortlessly
For them, why, why should I be so easy?

I followed the footprints of my parents
They taught me to be meek and gentle
They said decency is the jewel of a man
Being so, one can win any battle.

Due to the hypocrisy of society
I have sunken in the well of perplexity
Nowhere is the truthfulness around
That can save me from the complexity.