Early detection saved me

I would like to express a word of gratefulness to the state, CM and members of CMRF for extending me a financial aid towards my treatment in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai on 7/9/22. As advised by the doctors of TRIHMS, Naharlagun, without losing much time leaving everything at the mercy of almighty God, I had embarked on to TMH, Mumbai on 21/8/22. The next day, a series of investigations like blood test, CT Scan, biopsy etc. were done and the operation plan was fixed on 8/9/22 in which I had to make a tough choice of Laproscopic operation called subtotal Distal Gastrectomy at the advice of doctors in TMH rather than open and Robotic surgery under supervision of Dr. Vikram Chaudhari, Surgical Oncology. I preferred it so as it was less invasive than open surgery.
Timely initiatives by CMO office was a godly step which facilitated in a big way for meeting up expenditure during and post operative period. Such a noble initiative extended through CMRF is stated to have benefitted many critical patients while many have recovered and started leading normal healthy life. My thanks goes to team of treating doctors at TMH, Mumbai under whose expertise and workmanship the operation was done. I also thank my well wishers who were constantly and silently in their prayers for my speedy recovery. Thanks also goes to Deepsikha Trust team, Mumbai and Govt of Arunachal for providing necessary accommodation and other logistic support during treatment.
By the way, a word of advisory to someone who suffers a similar disease like I used to suffer is that a Cancer is not a fatal disease if it is diagnosed at an early stage. The treating doctors would definitely make staging of it and suggest a further course of treatment. In GI system, most of Gastric ulcer, Peptic ulcer or a small lesion in wall of stomach or wall thickening is mostly caused by h. pylori, a harmful bacteria which many of us are still unaware of its harmful effects. It may be called as mother of all bacteria as it can easily survive on acidic media in stomach called gastric juice. It is stated to spread through intake of uncooked, contaminated foods and untreated water etc. When one is diagnosed h.phyori (+), then take proper medications as per doctor’s prescription and ensure that all h.pylori is eradicated. Longer the survival of h .pylori in mucosal wall of stomach, more the chances of gastritis which ultimately would make a way for a cell to behave abnormally thus leading to dysplasia and carcinoma in medical protocol.
Don’t ignore even a slight ulcer or a small lesion in stomach on pretext of hectic schedule or don’t take it lightly until the appearance of symptom lest it will grow into a bigger one leading to a stage of becoming carcinoma. Patients suffering from GI problems are advisable to visit TMH, Mumbai rather than any hospital in India. The views expressed in para 3 to 4 are suggestive from my personal experience and not for coorelative purposes.
Tajo Rumi,
WRD, Miao