Recruit tourism officers

On 28 October, while chairing a meeting, the deputy chief minister stated that the tourism department would be the highest revenue generating depart-ment. Yes, it is a fact. Every district of our state has huge potential for tourism activity.
But what about personnel requirements of the department, who will run the department, because half of the districts are without regular DTO and TIO in spite of repeated request by unemployed tourism graduates for recruitment.
The department, the deputy chief minister and the tourism minister should understand that DTO and TIO are technical posts and hence these posts should not be given to generalist bureaucrats as additional charge for such a long time.
Our state government always speaks about promotion of tourism in state but when it is about filling of vacant posts, the government keeps quiet.
Unemployed tourism graduates once again appeal to the ministers and the department of tourism to advertise the posts of DTO and increase the posts of TIO which was advertised by the APPSC on 16 June, 2022, vide Order No PSC-R(B)/04/2022. Advertisement of a single post of TIO for thousands of unemployed youths is a joke.
An aspirant