Media Literacy: Need of the hour

[Likha Bai]

In this socially active world, media has become quite versatile and filled with propagandas at the same time, so one must understand what and which media should they consume. A good social media platform can influence and manipulate one’s mind and alter their choices and decision-making abilities.

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are flooded with news and contents like political agendas, hot topic of celebrities etc. What a person should understand is this, why and how much thought should be given to a certain topic or an event.

Keeping a check upon the media contents that our younger generations are exposed to is also an important part of this, for they are the easiest to be manipulated these days. Teaching and guiding them with appropriate knowledge by their parents and elders are essential.

Many people deny the existence of this problem for they assume it is education that will teach them the essence and ethics of such with time, but one must understand that avoiding a problem is never a solution. It is high time that one should know the proper way of consuming the media. A media literate society is the need of the hour.