Nature’s food chain

The dwellers of a village named Kari, heavily depended on hunting for their livelihood. One particular day, the villagers approa-ched the Gaon Bura with an issue, that the village was facing a tremendous economic crisis due to crop failure and loss of domestic animals for the past few years.

The Gaon Bura acknowledged the problem and thereafter took the issue to the concerned authority. After an intensive research, the authority took the initiative to organise an awareness programme in the village. Through the programme, the villagers were educated on how their reckless hunting of birds and wild animals led to the problems they were facing. The officials explained that the rapid decrease in the bird population led to the swift increase of pests and insects in the fields as a result of which, crops were heavily damaged.

Moreover, hunting of wild animals such as deer, wild boar, stag, etc, had hampered the food chain of carnivorous animals like tiger, wolf and leopard. The famished animals had no choice but to resort to attacking the domestic animals. This was an eye opener for the villagers as they came to realise that they were the ones who were responsible for their own problem. And so the villagers firmly decided to surrender their hunting weapons once and for all. (By students of 1st sem, MA and PGDMC)