Reward of hard work

— Kalyan Kumar Dutta

A united family of eight members
Lived in two small shabby chambers
Mother worked as a hospital attendant
To feed the famishing dependent.

Her earning was not enough for us
So my heart began to make fuss
I must do something though I am minor
Hence I chose the path of child labour.

The day I became capable of earning money
Our cloudy sky turned into sunny
Though my income lane was narrow
For my younger I became hero.

A whole week long hard work
Could not make my face dark
Rather my determination became firm
That made my pocket heavy and warm.

Of course the remuneration was meagre
But the happiness was above the desire
My first earning enabled me to buy mutton
For what we all had longed off and on.

Mother cooked it adding some soya bin
We relished delicious Sunday Tiffin
The compliancy of my brother and sister
Inspired me to work hard to harder.

Life began to smile and took a new turn
People praised me for my decent earn
In course of time poverty flew away
Our life marched toward a new way.

Hard work is handsomely paid in the end
However the cruel time tries to make you bend
Have faith in the Lord and do the right
A bright day is yours after the dark night.