Support team PAJSC and ANSU


After the bandh call by ANSU, the government is yet to respond to the team ANSU. And amidst this, the AAPSU has also decided to discuss on this issue and has called for a discussion with the CBOs, DSUs, and other stakeholders on 7th of January. Regarding the 13 points demand of ANSU, whole of the public and stake holders stands equivocal on the twelve points excluding the 9th point, the demands for null and void of all the exams involved in malpractice. Regarding this point the whole of Arunachalee seems divided and biased. The differences can be seen in the government level, politicians, bureaucrats, public and the youths and the students organizations. Although the government and the AAPSU is yet to give their official stand on this point. The question that arises against the demand of null and void is that, what about the genuine candidates? What mistakes have they done to be punished?

For the people standing against the demand of null and void, it becomes so easy to brush away the whole issue just by questioning, what about the genuine candidates? But the people who know the gravity of the situation can only realise what null and void means to the aspirants, to the history of Arunachal Pradesh, to the common public of Arunachal Pradesh. Today, the question of genuine candidates is being made as an scapegoat of this issue.

Who are the genuine candidates?

Matin Yaying, rank 1 holder was a genuine candidate before he was arrested. Minoty Borang studied day and night, she had to play multiple roles of being a mother, nurse, wife and a genuine aspirant. Karik Darang was being claimed of studying even in ICU in hospital. All the paper buyers claimed to be genuine candidates before they were arrested. Some of them had a good academic record, some are navodayans, VKVian, KVian, they were all from good schools and colleges. But what are the facts and data? They were all involved in malpractice. If these people are genuine candidates then what about the hundreds of candidates who got out of the list just by 1 mark? What about the candidates who studied without going to visit sick parents? What about the parents who sold even the last piece of beads and ornaments for their kids? What about the time, energy and money spent by hundreds and thousands of aspirants. The question here today is not about the genuine and bogus candidates. As Bamang Felix, the honourable home minister has said, it is about the breach of the trust. It is about the filling up the trust deficit between the public and the government institutions. It is about, giving a hope to the poor boys and girls studying in remote villages, that they can also be an officer one day if they work hard.

The question of deserving and undeserving candidates is secondary. The primary question that is to be asked here is, were the questions paper leaked or not? It is the only relevant and primary question to be asked. The graduate in any science background of 2019, 2020 might remember that back in 2014 All India Pre Medical Test was cancelled nationwide, just because there was a paper leakage in the state of Haryana. The same question of genuineness could have been asked there but we should know that one such situation doesn’t become important only for the people involved in that case. It becomes a benchmark for justice. The future will take this scenario as a reference, the whole nation is watching the people of Arunachal Pradesh, to see where do we end up with this situation.

Today if we let go of this situation, tomorrow any one will buy a job for themselves. Today we have the proof, we have data. Hundreds of officers in dozens of exams are involved. And if the demand of null and void is quashed, tomorrow people will get encouraged to buy a job. What would happen in buying 10 – 20 jobs if buying 100 -200 jobs had no affect on the system. An investigation might be done at most. This would be the mentality of the public if the demand of null and void is quashed today.

The Pan Arunachal Joint Steering Committee are nobody to oversee the justice, legality and to check corruption in the state. They are just some educated youths and victims of the corrupt system who wishes well for the state. PAJSC is nothing without the support of people in the state. It is time, the public support team PAJSC and ANSU. And stick with the demand of null and void of all the exams involved in malpractice.

Kyagung Dafri