UK to invest in defence and medical sectors in UP: British MoS at GIS

Lucknow, 12 Feb: The British Minister of State for Defence Procurement on Sunday said that the United Kingdom will invest in defence, aerospace and medical sectors in Uttar Pradesh.
Speaking at the United Kingdom Partner Country/Defence session held at Dadhichi Hall during the ongoing Global Investor Summit-2023, Alex Chalk, said, “It is a matter of pride for me to participate in GIS-23. Standing on this great land of Uttar Pradesh and inviting the whole world to invest is a big achievement. At the same time, it is also a big achievement that we are witnessing this programme in a state known as the ‘Rice Basket’.”
Speaking at the session, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the UK, as a partner country, has contributed to GIS not only in the field of defence and aerospace but also in the field of food processing and that the investors will get full cooperation from the state government in carrying their projects forward.
Assuring the UK delegation, Adityanath said that every investment made in the state will not only be safe, but the state government will also provide full help under its policy to make it fruitful for the investor.
During the session, 6 UK companies made investment proposals in the state. Chalk expressed commitment to maintaining a partnership with the state, especially in the defence sector.
“Uttar Pradesh is playing its role on a large scale under the ‘Make in India’ campaign towards meeting India’s defence needs and our contribution in this role will be in many areas including investment as well as manufacturing of strategic and tactical weaponry. With this, Uttar Pradesh will be able to meet the defence needs of India,” Chalk said.
“Besides, Uttar Pradesh will establish itself globally in terms of exports. An able Uttar Pradesh is important not only for India, and the Asia-Pacific region, but for the whole world, and for this reason, the world is looking forward to witnessing the realisation of the vision of Uttar Pradesh’s golden future with hope and expectation,” he said.
Expressing gratitude to the UK Government, Adityanath said that the UK’s participation and contribution as a partner country in taking GIS-23 to a new height of success are exemplary.
“Defence and aerospace is our top priority among the 25 sectors identified to give a flight to development to the state. We are taking this forward with the Government of India on the path of rapid development. The state government has also issued its policy regarding defence and aerospace and is working to advance the possibilities so that it can emerge as a hub in this sector,” he said.
“I have no hesitation in saying that India and UK relations have a strong historical background and Prime Minister Modi has played a big role in taking these bilateral relations further. As a result of this, today not only all the investors associated with the UK are becoming partners in GIS-23, but the Defence Procurement Minister of the UK himself has come with his huge delegation to take forward those possibilities in the state,” Adityanath said. PTI