The Headless Head

-Kalyan Kumar Dutta
VKV PTC Banderdewa

There is a headless head
Resides on a revolving pad
Directed by a huge goblin
Defend with a pointed javelin.

The pot-bellied goblin is a glutton
At a time devours food a ton
He is always found with a minion
Move not a step without his opinion.

The headless feels severe headache
Whenever goblin shows his back
Then he moves on sniffing rotten meat
Pays visit door to door to greet.

He would enquire wellbeing of others
As though they were his brothers
He has a mastery over speaking ill
That nobody effortlessly can feel.

He pretends to be easy and simple
So never fails to attend to a temple
The headless washes away all his sin
Orderly cleaning the temple bin.

Often dipping his mouth in filthy gutter
The abusing language he does utter
People are resentful of his cacophonic voice
Alas! They don’t have any other choice