Press govt to constitute PSC


I am writing this letter in response to the recent news regarding the endorsement of the TGT/PGT post to the education department by the students’ union, which has raised serious concern among the TGT/PGT aspirants. Instead of endorsing the education department, the union should have pressed the government to constitute the Public Service Commission (PSC) at the earliest. Also, while it may seem like a quick solution, it fails to address the long-standing challenges of corruption, nepotism, and irregularities.

The PSC is an independent body that oversees the recruitment process for government jobs. It ensures transparency and fairness in the selection of candidates, which are critical for building a strong and capable workforce. It is true that the PSC has not been immune to controversy, with instances of cash-for-job scams and other irregularities, but it remains a more reliable and trustworthy system compared to departmental recruitment.

Departmental recruitment processes, on the other hand, are vulnerable to irregularities and corruption. In the past, the education department’s recruitment process has been marred by several allegations of corruption, nepotism, and irregularities. There have been instances where unqualified candidates were selected over more deserving ones due to favouritism or bribery. This not only deprives deserving candidates of employment opportunities but also has long-term consequences for the education system and the state.

Furthermore, aspirants who rely on departmental recruitment processes may have to navigate a complex and opaque system, making it difficult to believe in the recruitment process. This may result in confusion and frustration among the aspirants.

In contrast, the PSC follows a standardised process that is based on merit, ensuring that the most qualified candidates are selected. Despite the challenges it faces, the PSC remains a more reliable and transparent system than departmental recruitment.

Additionally, to address the shortage of subject teachers the students’ union can request that the government recruit guest teachers on a temporary basis until the Public Service Commission is constituted. This will ensure that the education system does not suffer due to the delay in recruitment and that students have access to quality education. Recruiting guest teachers can also provide opportunities for young and qualified candidates to gain experience and prepare for future recruitment processes. It will also alleviate the burden on existing teachers.

The students’ union has the power to influence policy decisions and demand reforms. It is, therefore, crucial for the students’ union to recognise the potential consequences of endorsing departmental recruitment and instead focus on pressing the government to constitute the PSC. This will not only ensure a fair and transparent selection process but also prevent any resentment or protest from aspirants in the future and ensure that the aspirants’ voices are heard.

We hope that the government and student union take note of this and take appropriate steps towards building a robust and credible recruitment system.

A TGT/PGT aspirant