Release salaries on a monthly basis


The shortage of subject teachers has been one of the key reasons affecting the quality of education in Arunachal Pradesh, exacerbated by irregular postings and similar issues. Last year, the CBSE, AISE and AISSE results for Classes 10 and 12 were dismal. The Class 10 pass percentage stands at 39. The APPSC fiasco led to the cancellation of PGTs and TGTs exams, which were in process. As a short-term solution, the Directorate of Elementary and Secondary Education recruited guest faculties in various districts to address the shortage of subject teachers until fresh recruitment and appointments are made through the APPSC.

In Upper Subansiri district, a total of nine guest faculties were recruited for different subjects in mid-July. Since then, we have been working tirelessly for a meagre salary of 25,000, without any additional benefits. It’s been four months, and the authorities haven’t disbursed any salary. In these circumstances, we, as guest faculties, are facing undue challenges in carrying out our duties sincerely and feel extremely demotivated. We require a regular monthly salary to meet our basic needs.

Therefore, I urge the authorities concerned to promptly release the pending salaries for the last months and ensure on-time payment of our salaries on a monthly basis. This will enable us to fulfill our duties effectively.

Guest faculty,