INDIA bloc playing dangerous game, mulling ‘one year, one PM’ formula, says Modi

Harda (MP), Apr 24 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said the opposition INDIA bloc is contemplating “one year, one PM” formula to resolve their leadership issue and added that the world will ridicule such an arrangement in the largest democracy.

He said the Congress hates SCs/STs/OBCs so much that it wants to give reservation provided to them in jobs and education to its “most loved community”, and accused the opposition party of “killing” the idea of social justice.

Modi, addressing an election rally at Harda under the Betul Lok Sabha seat in Madhya Pradesh, asked if voters were ready for “five prime ministers in five years” formula and called it a dangerous game by the opposition alliance in which the Congress is the biggest constituent.

The BJP’s star campaigner doubled down on the Congress’s alleged plan to redistribute wealth by what he called “snatching properties of people” and added that an advisor to the party’s ‘shehzada’ (a reference to Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi) has now suggested imposing an inheritance tax.

The PM was referring to remarks by Sam Pitroda, president of the Indian Overseas Congress who has talked about the inheritance tax law in the United States while answering a query on the redistribution of wealth issue.

He said while there is a clarity in the BJP over the leadership issue, the same is missing in the INDIA grouping.

“People should know to whom INDI alliance leaders want to hand over the reins of the country. It is clear in the BJP that it is Modi, but what about them?” he asked the gathering.

“There have been media reports that a discussion is going on among INDI alliance people over ‘one year, one PM’ formula. That means one PM in one year, second PM in the second year, third PM in the third year, fourth PM in the fourth year, fifth PM in the fifth year… They are busy auctioning the PM’s chair,” he said, lashing out at the opposition bloc.

Modi advised people to be alert about these leaders, who he maintained, are daydreaming of coming to power like ‘Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne’.

The PM asked the gathering, “What will happen to the country when there will be five PMs in five years? Will this arrangement fulfil your dreams and protect the future of your children?”

Mocking such an arrangement, he further said, “One leader will sit on the PM’s chair and four others will sit holding one foot each of it and wait for the end of one year.”

“I want to make you aware. This is a very scary game that will destroy the country, this dream is not beautiful, it is a game that will shatter your dreams. Understand the power of your vote,” Modi said.

The PM said, “The INDI alliance is taking a very serious view of people who make reels on social media for fun. Tell me, do you agree with the formula of ‘one year, one PM? Are five PMs in five years acceptable to you? If we leave the country in such a situation, will the people of the world not make fun? Will this not lower the country’s prestige?” he asked the audience.

Modi said grandparents while living a life of hardship try to leave behind assets for their next generations, but the Congress wants to snatch these properties.

“The wealth that you have accumulated by working hard and enduring hardships will be looted from you once a Congress-led government is formed,” he warned.

He noted the Congress can go to any extent to please its vote-bank, and spoke about “wealth redistribution and inheritance tax” issues to lash out at the main opposition party.

“If anyone has more than one car, motorcycle or house, it will be confiscated if a Congress-led government assumes office,” Modi opined.

The PM maintained the Congress manifesto talks about religion-based reservation in jobs and education.

“The Congress Chief Minister of Telangana has just said that he will ensure reservation for Muslims,” he said.

The PM emphasised that when a Congress-led government was formed at the Centre, they first introduced religion-based quota in Andhra Pradesh.

“Then the Congress was not completely successful in its plan. But the Congress still wants to play that game,” he stated.

Modi said to dilute reservation for OBCs in Karnataka, the ruling Congress in the southern state has included Muslims under that category.

“This action of the Congress is an alarm bell for the OBC communities of the entire country,” he cautioned.

Modi pointed out that the Constitution makers had clearly decided that reservation cannot be given on the basis of religion.

“The Congress wants to snatch reservation from SCs/STs/OBCs and give it to its special vote-bank,” he alleged.

After independence, the biggest opposition to the Congress came from B R Ambedkar, the chief Constitution maker who was farsighted, the PM stated.

The BJP stalwart accused the Congress of doing vote-bank politics in the name of secularism.

Former CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the BJP candidate from Vidisha, was also present at the rally.

The saffron party has fielded Durgadas Uikey from the Betul (ST) constituency which along with Vidisha and seven other seats will vote in the third phase on May 7.