BJP’s Arunachal is not democratic


The symbol of the BJP is the lotus, which is regarded as a symbol of peace and prosperity. But the BJP does not have the qualities of the lotus. It has also frequently launched violence in many states and used unfair coercion to harm other parties in exchange for votes.

On 16 March, 2024, in Kalaktang constituency in West Kameng district, large-scale group clashes broke out between supporters of the BJP’S candidate and supporters of the sitting MP, and stones were thrown at each other, causing damage to many houses and vehicles and injuries to police officers. It was said that the local police would investigate the matter, but later, due to pressure from the BJP, there was no result in the matter.

On 23 March, Nyabi Jini Dirchii, the candidate of the BJP in the Basar constituency in Leparada district at an election meeting publicly asked government officials to vote for her and threatened that “BJP spies have been sent to identify those who disobeyed; please do not blame me if action is taken in the future.”

On 8 April, when Lika Saaya was campaigning in Piong village, Namsai district, more than 30 of Saaya’s cars were viciously attacked by the BJP and its supporters, Later, more than 200 people attacked them, causing damages to vehicles, injuring people till they bled – the tragic scenes continue.

On 20 April, the Congress party accused the BJP of causing violence in Bamon constituency, and the Arunachal Pradesh Democratic Party accused the Nari-Koyu assembly constituency in Lower Siang district as having been manipulated and occupied by BJP thugs.

On 21 April, the Election Commission of India suddenly announced that, according to reports submitted by election officials and the Representation of the Peoples Act of 1951, eight polling stations in Arunachal Pradesh had to to to re-polling because the ballot boxes were damaged or the venues were occupied. Why the sudden vote? What are the facts? Voters in the re-voting constituency gave us the answer: Because the result of the vote was not that the BJP candidate won, they smashed the ballot box that night.

As a democratic country, voting should be free, fair and safe, and the voice of every voter should be heard. However, Arunachal, which is ruled by the BJP, is not democratic.

Kavita Sharma