Speaking up for Palestine


Kudos to Spain, Ireland, and Norway for their announcement that they would recognise a Palestinian state on 28 May 28. Palestine should be treated as a sovereign country as per the partisan plan of Great Britain’s Palestine in 1947.

Israel has been ignoring the two-state solution as per the 1993 Oslo Accord for decades, and now it has engaged in genocidal violence in response to the 7 October Hamas attack. United Nations Secretary-General Antón Guterres said that the Hamas attack did not take place in a vacuum. His comment was as right as the observation that the Indian Rebellion of 1857 did not take place in a vacuum.

The truth is that 15 million Palestinians have been suffering the brutality of Israel’s oppression for decades.

There were acts of terrorism against British civilians like Kennedy ladies during the British Raj in India. Khudiram Bose and his friend Prafulla Chaki threw a bomb at a carriage, thinking that the district magistrate of Muzaffarpur, Douglas Kingsford, was in the carriage. However, Kingsford was seated in a different carriage, and the bomb killed two British women. Can such attacks on the British civilians justify the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

Had the British still been ruling India, would the world have lent moral support to the colonial regime against the freedom fighters? The Gaza massacre puts Jallianwala Bagh to shame. More than 35,000 Palestinians, including nearly half of them children and elderly, have been killed in Gaza.

Sujit De,