A leader fragmenting the nation


At first we ‘fools’ were ‘enlightened’ by a person holding a top constitutional chair (supposed to be neutrally accountable to all states and races of this nation of diversities) that Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have ‘specialised’ in assaulting, taunting and mocking Hindi speakers originally hailing from Uttar Pradesh.

Now we have come to know, thanks to his unique vision, that Telengana is also treading the same ‘racist’ path of its neighbouring Dravidian states and has started abusing the Biharis.

Thereafter the ‘racist’ caravan has crossed the Vindhyas and almost touched the foothills of the Himalayas, as well. Yes, even Punjab has ‘delivered the ultimatum’ that Biharis would not be allowed to buy houses in the northern state.

And now he looks towards the east to discover that Mamata Banerjee dubs people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar living in Bengal ‘outsiders’.

Yes the Hindi speakers, originally hailing from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, are treated as such ‘outsiders’ in West Bengal that, far from making usage of the language of the soil Bengali compulsory in all sectors of the state, Hindi has been made one of the official languages of West Bengal.

Though there lies no existence of a ‘Bangla university’ in the state, ‘Hindi university’ has made its presence felt through direct patronage of the state government.

Apart from state government offices remaining closed in north Indian Holi (Bengal’s original festival being ‘Dol Purnima’), even festivals like Chhath and Ramnavami (absolutely alien to the state hardly a few years ago) also are being treated as West Bengal government holiday for two days and a single day, respectively. To patronise the Chhath revellers, even Surya temples are being built across the state from the coffers of the government.

Barring hardly a few corporation/municipalities in the whole of West Bengal, at least one or two among the three top posts (mayor, deputy mayor, chairman) are invariably of Bihar/Uttar Pradesh origins.

Though Asansol and Bardhaman-Durgapur are full-fledged part of West Bengal, the TMC fails to find a single Bengali eligible to represent the two constituencies in the Parliament. So, matinee stars and ex-cricketers of Bihar origin are required to be imported from Mumbai and Delhi.

In his zeal of winning the national polls by hook or by crook, what a bizarre tactics adopted by him to fragment the whole nation in terms of state and race just to suit his petty electoral agenda and interest.

The person who can’t control his tears while extending ‘sympathy’ for the Hindi-speakers facing ‘torture’ and ‘humiliation’ in West Bengal strangely remains absolutely blind, deaf and dumb (with tears drying up) when Bengali lives get cold-bloodedly terminated in ‘double engine’ steered Gujarat, Assam, Rajasthan, or the union territory of Jammu & Kashmir.

There lies no word left in the English dictionary for the person whose prime objective seems to character assassinate West Bengal through bizarre accusations, perhaps to take revenge for the severe drubbing handed to him by the Bengalis on 2 May, 2021 Assembly polls.

Kajal Chatterjee,


Peerless Nagar, Kolkata