Steps should be taken to protect takins

The sighting of takins in Zemithang in Tawang district has brought a lot of joy to the people of the state. After Dibang Valley district, where takins (gnu goats) are often sighted, this was for the first time that takins have been sighted in Zemithang area. Takins are a very reclusive animal and are usually seen in the highlands of the Himalayas. While they have been seen in Dibang Valley often, this is for the first time that takins have been caught on camera in Zemithang area of Tawang.

It is believed takins are found even in Taksing area in Upper Subansiri district. The state government should conduct research to find out the takins’ habitats. Proper research will aid in the effort of conservation. The government should make an effort to protect this highly reclusive animal. The locals of the area should be involved in this regard. They should be made stakeholders in the conservation effort. The rare sighting of takins in Zemithang is one of the best news of this year. It has put Arunachal once again under the global limelight. Also, it will help in the conservation efforts.