Google News Faces Brief Outage, Several Users Complain Of Accessing Issues

New Delhi, 31 May (PTI): Google News suffered an outage on Friday evening with several users facing issues in accessing it, although the latest updates and headlines on the page are back on now.
During the disruption, attempting the latest updates on Google News returned the result: “Uh-oh! Something went wrong. Please try again”, and the page did not show the usual deck of top stories and news updates.

Some users also complained of outages in Gmail services for a brief period during the day. Gmail services were up and running soon after.

Google Discover, which shows personalised content feed, also faced disruptions, according to some users.

The reason for the disruption is not clear and there is no official word yet from Google about outage, which seems to have affected many users globally, and in India, as reported on

Many users took to social media platform X to vent their ire.

“Google News not working!!! Google News server down I guess!!,” a user wrote.

“When Google News is down, I get to say, “No news is good news”, another wrote.