Fragile Bonds

Kalyan Kumar Dutta
VKV Kharsang

Sorry, a simple word,
A bandage for wounds inflicted,
A salve for moments gone awry.

Works when a mistake is made,
But what of the deeper cracks,
The fractures in the foundation,
Where trust once stood strong?

Not when trust is broken,
Shattered into a thousand shards,
Each one a reminder
Of what once was, now lost.

So in life,
We navigate the minefields of error,
We stumble, we falter,
We leave scars upon the hearts of others.

Make mistakes, yes,
For they are the currency of growth,
The lessons learned in the crucible of experience.

But never break trust,
For it is the fragile thread
That binds us together,
The lifeline in the stormy seas of existence.

Because forgiving is easy,
A balm for the soul,
A release from the burden of resentment.

But forgetting and trusting again,
That is the Herculean task,
The Everest of emotional feats,
For once trust is broken, it is like trying to piece together
A shattered mirror.

Some may say,
But perhaps in the realm of the human spirit,
Where resilience meets grace,
Where forgiveness meets redemption,
There lies the faint glimmer of possibility.