Conduct departmental exams for Groups B and A posts


Through this esteemed daily, we would like to bring to the notice of the newly formed government and the CoSAAP the voiceless pain of in-service state government employees.

In our state there are hundreds of government employees who, after completion of their studies, had to take lower rank jobs due to family and financial problems. Many quit preparing for the APSSCCE midway for the same reasons.

But now, after so many years in service, it is not possible for such government employees to compete with fresh and young minds for higher civil posts in the APSSCCE. Hence, there is a provision for open limited departmental competitive exams for Groups B and A posts in three stages. In such exams, only in-service government employees who have completed 3-4 years of service are eligible.

In other states such exams are conducted from time to time to boost the morale of the in-service government employees. Like others, we, the in-service government employees, also deserve one last chance to get into higher posts.

Therefore we, with folded hands, appeal to the chief minister to look into this, and appeal to the CoSSAP to place the demand for such exams before the government.

Max Gaming,

B Sector, Naharlagun