District without good roads

Dear Editor,
Pathetic road condition in Siang District is a major concern for the citizens of the district. The people of Siang district are fed up with potholed road.
Very sad to say that there is not a single good road in between Pangin, the Headquarter Siang District to Patum, that connects whole of 32 Rumgong Consti-tuency areas as well as West Siang, Aalo because of not maintenance of roads for more than 7-8 years.
It is to inform you that the road is the main life line for Rumgong constituency and second option to read Aalo when there is road block from Itanagar to Aalo especially in monsoon season.
Meanwhile, the heavy loaded trucks from Guwahati to Aalo, are also plying through this road. Besides that, the Ministers and Public administrative officers of our constituency are also plying over this same road. I could not understand how they bear these excessive potholes and bad road during their journey?
In the meantime, the funny and sad thing is that the owners of small vehicles like Alto, Maruti 800 Cars are taking public transport instead of using their own vehicles because of the potholes.
It makes us feel that we are living in the Stone Age but not in the 21st Century when we compare our road conditions with others.
However, the main reasons for the lack of development in the rural areas like ours are because there is no media coverage and poor communication. Most of the public cannot write or speak over the issues though they know what is right or what is wrong. In this regard, Medias can play very active roles in developmental activities.
So, it is my humble request through your esteemed daily to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to look into the matter very seriously.
Obang Mize
Jomlo Mongku