AP Football logo

Dear Editor,
I was surfing through the internet when I came across the logo of Arunachal Pradesh Football Association. Bust of a Hornbill with the Torso of a human being and football underneath the foot; a beautiful logo, which gives us the message to save the majestic Hornbill and at the same time promoting state bird and football as well.
I vividly remember how the logo was conceptualised. The year was 2003, Tadar Tang Memorial Football tournament was in its third year under Tang foundation Multiprpose Society with the cooperation of Arunachal Pradesh Football Association.
It was a moment of joy for the organisers and the football crazy state in general. A souvenir was launched on that year. I was with the editorial board. We were gathering ideas, letters, photographs for the Sovenir. As we were busy binding the book, we realised an important thing was missing and that was the Logo for the tournament.
Tadar Babin came up with the idea of the Logo. He racked his brain and brought out this beautiful Logo with a wonderful meaning. How it became the APFA logo is still unknown but the credit should go to Tadar Babin.
Kenjom Angu