Be prepared for monsoon

Dear Editor,
The recent heavy downpour in Mumbai has reminded of the devastating floods of 2005, as torrential rains threw life in the metropolitan region completely out of gear. Indian cities are poorly planned and managed, exposing them to cyclical weather havoc. Learnings from Mumbai are important for other cities as well, to prepare for a future in which scientists think there will be more days of short but intense rain spells. The outdated way of cleaning drains has bred a system which promotes corruption since there is no scientific way to calculate how much silt the contractors remove from the drains. What people in the flood-hit regions expect of governments is speedy relief and rehabilitation. A vigorous monsoon is vital for the economy, but governments should be prepared to deal with the consequences of excess rainfall. The disaster management must be tuned up to manage such havoc with good drainage of rain water and removing encroachments. Mumbai being the heart for financial markets of the country must be well prepared to face such havoc.
Vinod C. Dixit,