Make hanging bridge

Dear Editor,
People need a hanging bridge very urgently. At the 4th Mile north of Miao, there is a Nao-ghat. Dihing River is tricky at this place. The river is rough and swift. There had been several accidents, but thankfully no one has died so far at this Ghat.
The boatmen use country-made wooden boat to ferry everything back and forth. Motor Cycles, people, animals, goods are ferried each day. While the official rate for a person to cross the river on board is only 10/- , sometimes people pay upto 150/- one-way, or even more to cross. This happens during massive floods.
The river-crossing at this point is both dangerous and expensive. But it cannot be avoided. People come to Miao for medicines, schools, essential commodities and marketing.
Across the river, from Manti Village to Devan, there are eleven villages and lots of schools. There is also a Circle Headquarter at Devan sine the 1960s!. Also, some villages such as Kathan village in Lohit District use Nao-Ghat.
The acute problem comes when seriously ill persons have to be evacuated to the Hospitals and nother problem comes when the river is in high flood for several days!
Several people have already died crossing the river by Devan forest camp. And several others died crossing the river between 4 and 8 Miles (MV Road). There are several others who narrowly escaped drowning.
The problem is also faced by the Government teaching staff who are serving in the Schools across the river. Especially when sickness comes, as Malaria/ viral fevers are not uncommon in these villages, the staff gets stranded there helplessly.
Acute problems were also faced by the Police and the military in the past. Especially, in emergencies, such as having to transport the dead, or to attend a crime scene, the river comes in between.
In view of all these factors, the Government must hang a Hanging Bridge at the 4th Mile and also at Devan.
This can save people a lot of hard-earned money as well as save lives in emergencies.
Aphu A Rabbi