APCC mourns Gauri’s death, condemns grooming intolerance

ITANAGAR, Sep 9: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) while mourning the death of senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh has condemned the growing intolerance and hatred in the country.
the APCC in its release on Saturday while demanding speedy investigation to identify the culprit(s) involved in her murder stated that the status of media in India is becoming miserable under the thumb rule of ‘B Fascist Government’.
“This is not for the first time that a journalist who voiced against the suppressive practice of hate and intolerance is killed. In the past, Govind Pansare, Dabholkar and Kalburgi were also subjected to cold blooded murder for opposing communal agenda by the rightwing Hindutva forces, followed by banning of a documentary film on Indian economist Amartya Sen on mere mention of words like ‘Gujarat’, ‘Cow’, ‘Hindutva view of India’ and ‘Hindu India’ which is obviously the truth of ‘Saffron Terror Corporate'”, it stated.