Increase upper age limit

Dear Editor,
Ever since retirement age of state government has been increased, sleep of unemployed youths has gone missing. It has been rightly underlined by our friends that neither advertisement is being made nor upper age limit is being increased .
Though chief minister had said that before increasing upper age limit ,lots of home work has been made and bumper vacancies will be created. But so far, we have not seen such notifications. So who will compensate for the candidates who are going to over the upper age limit?
In our state, process of job interview/exam takes one whole year or more. Best example is Assistant sub inspector ( Tax and excise) whose written exam was conducted in the year 2013 but still its result have not been declared. Then we have the instance of infamous episode of APPSCCE -2013. In this process candidates cross their upper age limit without their fault.
Because of these reasons, most of state have increased upper age limit to 38-40 years.
For the last may years many organization have been demanding for increasing upper age limit but government have no responded to it yet. So , through your esteemed daily, I would like to know from the government that what is the problem and difficulty in increasing the upper age limit?
If I am not wrong there is no need of passing law in this regard nor there will be any financial burden on state treasury, if upper age limit is increased for few more years. Mere cabinet decision is required. Why is government reluctant to increase the upper age limit?
Interestingly, people who are in permanent government job are given five more years’ age relaxation. But what is the need for age relaxation to those who are already in permanent government job? It is the people who are working on contract basis or unemployed who need the age relaxation most. This logic is out of our comprehension. Or we may take it a sort of discrimination between permanent govt job holder and unemployed and contract basis government employees.
Therefore, we appeal to our chief minister to remove this discrimination and increase the upper age limit to 38 -40 years. This noble gesture of yours will bring loss and harm to no body but it will give one last hope to hundreds of candidates .
An aspirant