Mid session transfer of teachers not fair on students

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of our state government towards the transfer of Govt. teachers. We all know since last few months transfer of teachers have been taking place. Teachers have been posted so that the schools of interior regions get teachers in their respective schools. It is on one hand a very good initiative as there are less number of teachers in remote areas.
An official release was published in your daily Dated- 09 April 2017 where it was stated that “The process for rationalization the transfer and posting of teachers in the state is likely to be completed by mid May.”
But my point here is that the process which was to be completed by the end of May is still going on between the mid-sessions.
I am a student and I am also facing problems like many others too. I don’t say this is wrong to transfer any teachers as it is norms of the government but why between the middle of the session when we are preparing for the boards. If any teacher had to be transferred he or she should have been transferred before the session started.
Today the cause for writing this article is mid-session transfer of our chemistry teacher Mr. G.P. Mehta. He was a senior teacher of I.G. J. Govt. Higher Secondary School Pasighat who was teaching us chemistry from last session and 3 months of this session and now suddenly in the last of August month, we came to know that he has been transferred. Now we all are facing problems as we have just few months for board and we have to adjust to a new teacher.
I personally think that if teachers of Class XII would be transferred during the mid-session then surely it would affect our result. Every year govt. schools underperform in board exams.
And now, how they can expect us to do well? Not all can afford pricey school/tuition fees to cope with this problem. This is now a major problem as mid session transfer is hampering our classes and moreover our goals too.
After few months we will have our boards and then entrances and now in the middle of it, this is a new pressure on us.
There are thousands of questions in our mind; why transfer in the mid-session? Why a new teacher for the board preparing students? Is something wrong with the system? Why such a decision? Will it be fair for our future?
I hope this message of mine reach our Honorable Minister of Education Honchun Ngandam. If possible, please help us in this case as each and every one of us wants our Chemistry teacher to stay. It is not too late. There is still time for you to correct this.
Kasinam Lucy Dabi
Student of Class- XII, Science
I.G.J. Govt. Higher Secondary School, Pasighat