Work negligence unacceptable: DC

[ Karyir Riba ]
ROING, Sep 11: Speaking on the issue of the wrongly conducted road construction work at Erbuk against C/o RLR at Moruk/Moying, Bolung, Roing Deputy Commissioner Deepak Shinde said that such negligence will not be accepted and the work will be conducted at the originally sanctioned area.
Following complaints from the villagers of Bolung village against the road construction work under Dambuk Constituency SIDF 2016-2017, Shinde visited the site for inspection and has assured rectification of the error.
Shinde said that the information from the villagers that the work is being done at the already existing road at Erbuk, which was constructed under the MNREGA, has been confirmed by the BDO office, and thus, will not be accepted as work done under the said RLR project.
Complainant, Boss Lego, a villager from Bolung, has claimed that the executing department, DRDA Roing has not given a fair chance to firm holders for tendering for the project and this monopoly is causing hindrance at the one chance of the village to obtain a much needed and awaited link road.
Lego claims that as per tender norms set by the government, any information regarding tenders should be published within domicile district and respective constituency only.
However, instead of publishing in some local newspaper, the tender for this work was published in a Jorhat-based Assam newspaper.
“Last date of issue of tender was 14.03.2017 and the tender notification was published on 15.03.2017. How is this possible?” questions Lego.
When brought to notice, DC Shinde has said that he has asked for a report regarding the matter from the DRDA, which is yet to be received by his office.
Replying to the demand of the complainant that the firm conducting the work should be blacklisted and a fresh tender be conducted, Shinde said that a chance will be given to the present firm to rectify the error, and if it fails to do so, further action will be taken wherein the firm might get blacklisted, and the work might be allotted to another firm that can perform better.