Mebo MLA says allegation baseless, politically motivated

ITANAGAR, Sep 13: Stating that the allegations levelled against him by the Anti-Corruption Movement Forum (ACMF) are baseless and politically motivated, Mebo MLA Lombo Tayeng said that not a single contract work has been awarded to his son, wife, relatives or any other individual under his influence.
The ACMF on Tuesday alleged that the Mebo MLA had misused his power and position in getting contract works in the names of his wife, son and family members, thereby embezzling crores of rupees meant for various developmental schemes/ projects in Mebo Sub-division.
Responding to the allegation by the ACMF, which was published in this daily on September 13, the Mebo MLA said that developmental works executed by various departments under Mebo Subdivision were awarded and carried out maintaining all standard laid down norms and bidding process.
Tayeng said that his wife does not own any firm in the name of RT Enterprise and hence, the allegation of awarding construction work worth Rs 1.70 crore to his wife through RT Enterprise does not arise.
He also termed the allegation of awarding of Rs 14.70 crore in worth contact works to his son by flouting laid down norms at his intervention as totally false, fabricated and politically motivated.
“During my tenure as Mebo MLA, all contract works have been done following all norms and guidelines. I have reason to believe the allegations levelled against me by the ACMF is politically motivated and with reckless disregard to the truth,” Tayeng said.
With regards to PIL threat, the Mebo MLA said, “I have nothing to say. The law will take its own course. If I am found guilty I shall quit my political career.”
Meanwhile, the ACMF president and general secretary clarified that the RT Enterprise is, in fact, owned by the MLA’s son. The Forum, however, stuck to its claim, providing RTI papers, that construction works in PWD worth amounting to Rs 1.70 was awarded to the MLA’s wife, although not through the RT Enterprise.
The ACMF further clarified that the MLA’s son was awarded construction works amounting to Rs 14.47 crore; but not Rs 14.7 crore as published on Wednesday.