JFA expresses concern over Cambodia anti-media crackdown

GUWAHATI, Sep 18: The Journalists’ Forum Assam (JFA) expressed concern over the ongoing crackdown on newspaper and radios in Cambodia with an aim to silence the media ahead of next year’s general election.
The recent shut down of an independent English newspaper in the Southeast Asian country has shown the authority’s intolerance towards the mainstream media, alleged the forum based in Northeast India.
The media rights body of Northeast India revealed in a statement that The Cambodia Daily (www.cambodiadaily.com) was forced by the government agencies to close down its publication over a tax dispute.
The newspaper was slapped with a purported $6.3 million tax bill recently and the authority ordered the amount to be paid by September 4 last or shut down its operation. Since the day the newspaper has not gone for the press and it was confirmed by the Pnong Pen office.