Questionable police behavior

Dear editor,
Due to rising supremacy of police personnel/paramilitary forces to the peak, it has seen how some of the police officers misbehave with innocent public and annoy them as if they were criminals. In the hurry to get promotion or to impress their boss while doing duty, some police have opted goons-way of interrogating and the way they behave at various check points seems as if they are behaving with terrorists. The common people are going through this experience almost all the time in capital complex. I wonder how police are not told to differentiate between innocent people and terrorist during their training.
On 25th August 2017, a news article was published in the Arunachal Times that read Police seized unlicensed gun from one Bamang Taigh saying that a case has been registered against him after proper enquiry.
Now my question is how could police be in a hurry to rush to media without proper investigation and depict our brother’s image as some kind of criminal possessing a gun without license.
Taigh has had his licensed issued from ADC, Nyapin, Kurung Kumey. After through detailed investigation Inspector, B. Tangjang, OC PS Doimukh handed over the gun back to Bamang Taigh on 22/09/2017 owing to his possession of valid license.
The Armed forces are established to protect the people and ensure laws are maintained throughout the country but some police take advantages of their uniform to prove themselves to be above the people and the way they humiliate Aam Aadmi at various check points is more like savages in duty than well disciplined police.
We respect police because they are in duty for our safety but some of them are in duty just to get regular salary and nothing else but whatever may be their reason, they should learn to respect the dignity of common people.
I seek for apology from the police for portraying a wrong picture of our brother. I also urge the higher authority of police/ITBP to seriously look into the behavior of their sub-ordinates and explain them explicitly the difference between a common man and terrorist.
Bamang Taba