Society condemns murder

ITANAGAR, Sep 27: The All Sangdo Welfare Society has condemned the cold-blooded murder of late Raling Sangdo and hoped that the law-enforcing agency would serve stern punishment to those found guilty.
It also thanked the Police Department of Papum Pare district, led by Superintendent of Police Tumme Amo and his team for making immediate arrests in the case.
Further, the Papum Pare Superintendent of Police also clarified that brother of the victim, Taling Sangdo was not arrested for the suspected murder of his brother.
Instead, alleged accused, Kor Tawe had filed a case against Taling in November 2016 on a different case.
On September 2 last, the semi-decomposed body of Raling Sangdo was spotted in the jungles near the Itanagar-Hollongi Highway. He was reportedly found with his hands tied behind his back.
After thorough investigations and interrogations, the Papum Pare unit police arrested Tawe and two other cousins from Naharlagun on September 25 last.