CALSOM imposes economic boycott on refugees

ITANAGAR, Oct 4: The Cultural and Literary Society of Mishmi (CALSOM) has initiated few measures to deport back the Chakma and Hajong refugees from Mishimi belts to their designated settlement areas.
In a meeting, the CALSOM, Wakro block adopted few resolutions, including imposition of economic blockade and boycott on the Chakma and Hajong refugees and deporting them back to their designated settlement areas.
The Chakmas and Hajongs working as construction workers, domestic helps and farmers, other than government employees, should be deported back to their designated settlement areas immediately by the land owners and employers before October 15 from Lohit and Anjaw districts, the meeting resolved.
The CALSOM appealed to all the land owners and employers of Chakmas and Hajongs to release them voluntarily by the set deadline. The meeting further resolved to carry out eviction drive with the help of the district administration and Forest Department.
The meeting further resolved that the Chakmas and Hajongs would not be allowed to sell vegetables, livestock and other agricultural products at Medo Sunday Market and the entire Mishmi belt to enforce a complete economic boycott and blockade.
The meeting also stressed the need for proper boundary demarcation at Kathan, Tumba and Jaliban near Dabrumliang to check the frequent encroachment by the Chakmas and Hajongs into the Mishmi lands.
A core committee was also constituted in the meeting, which along with AMSU will take up the matter with the District Administration and Government for an immediate action.
“If the Government and the District Administration fail to support in demarcating the district boundary and evicting the Chakmas and Hajongs to their designated settlement areas from the Mishmi belt, then a people’s referendum should be called to boycott the upcoming Panchayat and Assembly Elections,” the meeting further resolved.
The meeting was attended, among others, by public leaders, PRI members, gaon burahs, CALSOM members, AMSU executive members, public of the affected areas, and DSU executive members of Anjaw and Lohit.
Earlier, they held threadbare discussion on the refugee issue and future consequences after granting citizenship rights to Chakma and Hajongs.
They were unanimous in appealing all the members of the community to come forward in ousting the Chakmas and Hajongs from the Mishmi belt by adopting peaceful and technical means.