FMD outbreak in Anjaw

Hayuliyang, Oct 6: Foot and Mouth Dise-ase (FMD) has spread in Mettengliang and Kromna under Hay-uliyang Sub Division claiming more than 50 mithuns.
Samples have been collected which have been sent to Disease Investigation Lab in Nirjuli to ascertain the type of epidemic, said a report from the ADC Anjaw Kego Jilen.
Two veterinary officers were deployed with sufficient medicines on Oct 5 where they have treated nearly 200 mithuns and distributed medicines to the villagers. Dr. P H.G. Singh and Dr Tilling Tayo from RD and KVK respectively also held awareness campaign for the villagers on preventive measures.
ADC Jilen further said there is not a single veterinary officer under DVO Anjaw and that there was no stock of medications.