Ruksin doctor performs another Facio-Maxillary surgery

RUKSIN, Oct 11: The doctors from CHC and First Referral Unit (FRU), Ruksin successfully conducted a Facio-Maxillary surgery upon a patient to remove oral tumor.
‘Pleomorphic Adenoma’ or mouth cancer is a common benign tumour in the salivary gland. The patient is under recovery stage now.
Medical officer-in-charge Dr Kadum Jonnom said surgery was conducted smoothly within a short period.
According to doctors, although the tumour is known as benign, pleomorphic adenoma has the potentiality to develop into malignant and becomes complicated in the later stage.
The team of doctors headed by Dr Kayon Ratan specialized in Facio-Maxillary (oral cancer) earlier too, successfully operated two similar cases that drew attention of the doctors and medical researchers of the state.